Build It Engineering is one of the most trusted manufacturers of customized commercial kitchen equipment and a leading customized commercial restaurant equipment supplier.

When you work with Buildit Engineering you will get your own team of small wares experts. Our team has over 3 decades of experience devising cost saving tools and developing and manufacturing small wares and commercial kitchen equipment for top restaurant chains and you will get full access to this expertise.

You'll get a fully capable factory ready to go without the huge capital investment, the ever growing overhead, and the required aggravation.

Step 1
The Huddle

We sit down with you and give your operations a good shake and see where a better small ware can streamline your operations and save you money over time. If you already have a small ware idea or want to improve on an existing one, here is where we learn all about it.

Step 2

This is where the magic happens. Our designers and engineers draw, argue, prototype, and drink a lot of Red Bull. In the end, we create a prototype of the perfect solution to your operational challenge.

Step 3
Endurance Testing

We take the prototype and try our best to break it. We torture it and put it through extreme situations that it will never see on the line. But, we make absolutely sure that it will do the job when it gets to your store.

Step 4

Next we take your prototype to "finishing school". We give it the little aesthetic touches that make it fit like a glove in your décor. We also fuss over how it works, squeezes, presses, and other details that makes a good part into a "priceless" addition to your operation.

Step 5

If you love it – We move on to make some further prototypes for you to test in the field and get feedback from your operations people and the people who will be actually using your new product solution.

Step 6

Now, we move your prototype to manufacture to make sure that we can produce in quantity. We closely evaluate the process to insure high quality at each step of the way. We then ship the part to you for review.

Step 7

Once your test period comes to a favorable conclusion, we move on to full scale manufacturing and NSF approval if required. Then, our fulfillment and shipping team gets each finished piece packaged and shipped to your warehouse, distributors, or in urgent cases, right to your stores. We’ll can even handle inventory management. Mission accomplished.

Our goal is to make this entire process turn-key and stress free for you. You just make a call and your factory springs into action.

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