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About Us

We’re Buildit, the innovative product manufacturing people. From concept to manufacturing to delivering it to your warehouse, distributors, or stores, we can handle it all… or just a part. For the last 35 years, we have been developing and producing some of the most unique and efficient products for the food service industry. We specialize in producing stainless steel small wares, but we have worked with materials ranging from titanium to plastics.

At Buildit, product enhancement never stops. We think of each project as a work in progress, fine tuning along the way, until the final product is the perfect fit for your needs. We then continue to work with you to make sure your product is doing its job helping you improve efficiency and cutting costs everyday. Change your program or menu? No problem. We will make the required changes to make sure the process continues to be efficient.

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All information which you entrust with us stays with us in strictest confidence. We don’t even tell who our customers are.

Buildit designs and manufactures every item specifically for you. Your customers will be very impressed. And your competitors, well, they could be busy for months, scouring catalogues, trying to figure out where you got it. Our clients treat us like we are their very own factory, without the huge investment, the ever growing overhead, and the required aggravation.
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